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When the current transition plan (comment period ends Dec 29, 2014) was put forth for public comment was there a summary in laypersons language published as well.  If so please send that as broadly and widely as possible so that at least we all can be thinking about what they are proposing. If NOT then that is a reason to blow it and them out of the water!!  Rosa does not have the $20,000 a decent legal review of the document would cost and so CAN NOT EFFETIVELY COMMENT ON THE PLAN  It speaks of Public comment not professional or legal comment



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Program descriptors - characteristics  vs.  Individual NEEDS  


They (the universal THEY) are claiming that their program descriptors - characteristics TRUMP all other program - characteristics!!


This morning  CARING as a program descriptor characteristic came to me CLEAR and STRONG  It seems that in dealing with all of us it helps to be in a CARING environment and for those with limited abilities to process and understand IT IS CRITICAL THAT THEY BE IN A CARING environment!! 


This morning I came to REALIZE that "Sheltered Workshops" represent STABILITY for a group of individuals WHO ABSOLUTELY NEED THAT STABILITY when the changes in life inevitability happen The "Sheltered Workshop" is THERE for them It is the PLACE ITSELF that is THERE. 


WHAT DOES   integration and community have to do with either of these two foundational qualities for the life of Rosa Miriam Palmer Spellman or her LONG TERM care


I assume that there are at least some other program descriptors - characteristics that at least should be considered equal to community and integration and as the two above TRUMP  community and integration they would likewise TRUMP community and integration. 


Sorry  MY single focus is Rosa Miriam Palmer Spellman and those who risk the GOOD that has come from years and years of learning what is GOOD is NOT ACCEPTABLE   Rosa should not have to RISK her stability her QUALITY of LIFE so some GRAND experiment can go forth!!!!!!!!!


Peace    Tom Spellman

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