Consensus needed on work policies for disabled

Thomas Cook, executive director, Rehabilitation for Wisconsin in Action, authored an opinion article published in the Nov. 7-13, 2012 edition of The Capital Times titled "Consensus needed on work policies for disabled."

It’s time to end the war. The battles between different factions in the disability community about employment policies for individuals with significant disabilities have gone on too long.
There is a faction in the community that insists services be directed to only one outcome: integrated employment. In making this case, this faction misrepresents what Community Rehabilitation Programs actually do. They claim that CRPs pay a “subminimum” wage to exploit people with disabilities, even though the Fair Labor Standards Act tightly regulates this practice. They say that grouping people on the basis of their disabilities results in segregation, irrespective of the limited funding available for individualized services. They call “sweatshops” to mind, by referring to pre-vocational services programs with the outmoded term, “sheltered workshops.”

Laura Owens, executive director, of the Association of People Supporting Employment First, wrote a counterpoint, "Integrated employment better for disabled."

PDF of both columns.


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