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As people with disabilities and their supporters, we are writing to introduce you to a new national campaign called What Matters Most.

What Matters Most is a public awareness campaign representing the broad spectrum of people with disabilities, their parents, loved ones and advocates.

Created by parents and allies, it is dedicated to uniting the voices of people directly impacted by disability legislation. Its primary purpose is to respect options and expand opportunities that meet the broader needs of the disability community, from services and supports to education and employment.

This is a very important issue to so many people across our country. We believe that, like every person, every disability is truly unique. One size does NOT fit all … and to preserve personal choice, a full range of options and opportunities needs to be available in the most integrated setting appropriate, based on informed choice, to ALL people with ALL disabilities.

We support the goals of this campaign and hope you will too by:

  • Sharing the experiences of people directly impacted by disability services and supports while showing the incredible diversity within the spectrum of disability
  • Raising awareness of the challenges and opportunities facing people with the most significant disabilities
  • Communicating the depth and breadth of the larger community, from individuals and families to allies and advocates
  • Creating opportunities for dialogue with government officials on topics that impact daily living, education and employment … to respect options and expand opportunities in every area!

Now is the time to respect options and expand opportunities. Join us in this important effort by visiting www.WMMcampaign.org to sign a pledge of support, explore key petitions and help spread the word. Together we can make a difference!

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