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National Disability Rights Network call for closing Sheltered Workshops!

There is a rumor that Sheltered Workshop are going to be CLOSED


To date it is not true except in a few specific cases, but this WILL BE TRUE IF WE DO NOT ACT. Sheltered Workshops have been closed in the States of Main and New Hampshire and a few facilities have been closed in Rhode Island and in New York where 120 individuals lost their jobs in one closing.


The National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) and its affiliated State based…


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Much more Hummmmmm And where was ACCSES

Much MORE Hummmmm And where was ACCSES with the LAWSUIT protecting this person's from such a VIOLENT form of discrimination??? And were was the local Disability Rights organization CHEERING ON THE SIDELINES THAT ANOTHER TERRIBLE Sheltered Workshop has been closed??? Peace Tom

This is a slightly edited comment from one of the almost 800 comment on the Federal Regulations basically setting the stage for the closing of Sheltered Workshops.

PS only 800 responses and many supporting…


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And the mantra goes on.......

And the MANTRA goes on and on and on and on   Just read this in the Disability Scoop (get it if you do not because ONLY YOU can protect your loved one’s interest!!!   Now do I wish ILL for any to the individuals who WILL BENEFIT from this program or any other  NO NO NO  and yet the very existence of the program DENIES the reality of tens of thousands WHO WILL NEVER BENEFIT AN IOTA from such programs. IN FACT programs such as Sheltered Workshops ARE being systematically DESTROYED with…


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Part 2 of WIOA Comments


Part 2 of Comments

Yes the writers acknowledge that there is a group of individuals who because of the “severity of the …….. is ineligible for VR services”. If they are ineligible then what are they eligible for??


Although the term “extended evaluation” was not referenced in the Act, this is the term used in current regulation to describe the process by which the DSUs assess an individual's ability to benefit from VR services due…


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WIOA comments Comment till June 15

My Comments underlined   Tom Spelman 414 403 1341 with questions 

May 9, 2015



Rosa Miriam Spellman

By Thomas Spellman her father and guardian

210 N 2nd St

Delavan WI   53115




Dept of Education



Re:   Docket ID ED-2015-OSERS-OOO1


See below for detailed comments and suggested inclusions on the substance of proposed…


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Heads UP More from CMS!!!!!

New Rules Expected For Medicaid Managed Care


April 29, 2015Text Size  A  A

HARTSVILLE, Tenn. — Lynda Douglas thought she had a deal with Tennessee. She would adopt and love a tiny, unwanted, girl with profound disabilities named Charla. The private insurance companies that run Tennessee’s Medicaid program would cover Charla’s…


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Response to Long Term Care Daft Non Residential Provider Self Assessment

April 24, 2015



Rosa Miriam Palmer Spellman

by Thomas Spellman

210 N 2nd St

Delavan  WI   53115





Division of Long Term Care

Non-Residential Provider Self-Assessment Tool 

Room 418

PO Box  7851

Madison WI   53707-7851



Good morning all 


Response to the DHS Division of Long Term Care  Draft Non Residential Provider Self-…


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save IRIS Town Hall Meeting Whitewater


                      Save  IRIS 

                              Town Hall Meeting

                              Whitewater City Administrator Building

                             City Hall Community Room, 312 W. Whitewater Street

                               (Near the intersection of W Whitewater St and S Fremont St)

                             Whitewater, WI 53190

                             Monday, March 16th,   7:00 p.m. – 9:00…


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Walker's SHOCK and AWE

I have been told that Walker's Budget eliminates IRIS and Family Care and replaces then with a big Insurance Company to pay the bills   What do other know about this???    Thanks  Peace  Tom Spellman  414 403 1341

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For your reading pleasure? (probably not your pleasure)

Do not know when this was approved by the Disability Rights Wisconsin Board, but it surely was APPROVED!!  Maybe this is why BPDD has been so mum. Some of them knew that this was in the making (writing). SO MANY ISSUES to say the least. This is obviously what they are going to be providing our legislators.

To close Central and Southern Centers????

Who are they??  If we DO NOT ACT who will be the last folks out the door to shut off the lights??  WE MUT PROTECT ALL OF OUR…


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Response to the Transition Plan (TP)

December 25, 2014



Thomas Spellman

210 N 2nd St

Delavan  WI  53115


Division of Long Term Care

Attn: Statewide Transition Plan

1 West…


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Thoughts on Transition Plan process

Good morning all  


A  question 


When the current transition plan (comment period ends Dec 29, 2014) was put forth for public comment was…


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Gift of the Sheltered Workshop

A draft of a document to be distributed at BPDD meeting in Wisconsin Dells this Tues and Wed  and presented to the BPDD Board in November  Comments welcome    Thomas Spelman   Dona Palmer



                                                 Sheltered Workshop Reflections           as of 5/12/15

Before we present the gifts of the “Sheltered Workshop”* let us take a step back and look at…


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