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Local Receives National Achievement Award Nomination Certificate

Jennifer Weigand, A Team Southeastern Wisconsin member, was recently recognized for being nominated for SourceAmerica's Tom Miller Award. Below is an article that appeared in the Daily Jefferson County Union newspaper. Great job, Jennifer!

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Public Radio Interview to listen to:

In a recent “The West Side” public radio broadcast to this part of the state (April 27, 2015), Senators Sheila Harsdorf (a member of Joint Finance) and Kathleen Vinehout were asked about long term care policy. Harsdorf said that the legislature needs to begin looking at the sustainability of expenditures for long term care, especially Medicaid, but also that there will be changes to the governor’s budget proposals in long term care. She did mention IRIS and the ADRC’s, but did not…


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Heads UP More from CMS!!!!!

New Rules Expected For Medicaid Managed Care


April 29, 2015Text Size  A  A

HARTSVILLE, Tenn. — Lynda Douglas thought she had a deal with Tennessee. She would adopt and love a tiny, unwanted, girl with profound disabilities named Charla. The private insurance companies that run Tennessee’s Medicaid program would cover Charla’s…


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In response to Thomas Spellman's last post, I feel the best way to put this in simple words is using the word "Special".  Our society is OK with "Special Education", "Special Olympics", but NOT "Special Employment".  If the CMS is so hell bent on eliminating "Special Employment"  what will stop them from eliminating Special Education and Special Olympics.  When will it end.  It would make sense.  If individuals with "special" needs can not work in a special environment, why should…


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Response to Long Term Care Daft Non Residential Provider Self Assessment

April 24, 2015



Rosa Miriam Palmer Spellman

by Thomas Spellman

210 N 2nd St

Delavan  WI   53115





Division of Long Term Care

Non-Residential Provider Self-Assessment Tool 

Room 418

PO Box  7851

Madison WI   53707-7851



Good morning all 


Response to the DHS Division of Long Term Care  Draft Non Residential Provider Self-…


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save IRIS Town Hall Meeting Whitewater


                      Save  IRIS 

                              Town Hall Meeting

                              Whitewater City Administrator Building

                             City Hall Community Room, 312 W. Whitewater Street

                               (Near the intersection of W Whitewater St and S Fremont St)

                             Whitewater, WI 53190

                             Monday, March 16th,   7:00 p.m. – 9:00…


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Federal Regulations appear to allow workshop services.

5. Question: Do the regulations prohibit individuals from receiving pre-vocational services in a facility-based setting such as a sheltered workshop?

Answer: No. The federal regulations require that all HCB settings must support full access of individuals receiving Medicaid HCBS to the greater community, including facilitating opportunities to seek employment in competitive settings, engage in community life, control personal resources, and receive services in the community to the…


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Responses from Rep Ryan and Sen Baldwin

I received a letter from Rep Ryan documenting the CMS guidance to States. I also received a phone call from Senator Baldwin's office to check if I needed further assistance. 

Are we assured that the workshops are safe? The Medicaid regulations are broad. 

We seemed to have moved on to the IRIS budget battle. Disability Rights Wisconsin seems to be advocating against the budget changes.

My question is : Are the workshops safe?

Kathy Springhorn

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Walker's SHOCK and AWE

I have been told that Walker's Budget eliminates IRIS and Family Care and replaces then with a big Insurance Company to pay the bills   What do other know about this???    Thanks  Peace  Tom Spellman  414 403 1341

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For your reading pleasure? (probably not your pleasure)

Do not know when this was approved by the Disability Rights Wisconsin Board, but it surely was APPROVED!!  Maybe this is why BPDD has been so mum. Some of them knew that this was in the making (writing). SO MANY ISSUES to say the least. This is obviously what they are going to be providing our legislators.

To close Central and Southern Centers????

Who are they??  If we DO NOT ACT who will be the last folks out the door to shut off the lights??  WE MUT PROTECT ALL OF OUR…


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Workshop closing. Shared on Facebook by Disability Rights Wisconsin

Wausau workshop for disabled workers to shut down

Bob Dohr, Gannett Wisconsin Media     11:02 a.m. CST January 1, 2015…


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Response to the Transition Plan (TP)

December 25, 2014



Thomas Spellman

210 N 2nd St

Delavan  WI  53115


Division of Long Term Care

Attn: Statewide Transition Plan

1 West…


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Short letter in response to December 29, 2014 DHS Comment Period

My comments to the Department of Health Services and elected representatives

Thank you for inviting my comments regarding the Home and Community-based Settings Statewide Transition Plan as requested by the Wisconsin’s Department of Health and Human Services.


My son Greg Springhorn attends Vocational Industries in Elkhorn, WI. The workshop is a vital part of Greg’s “person centered approach” for meeting his needs. He is safe and successful in the workshop…


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Thoughts on Transition Plan process

Good morning all  


A  question 


When the current transition plan (comment period ends Dec 29, 2014) was put forth for public comment was…


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Letter to Beth Swedeen

December 1, 2014

Beth Swedeen

Executive Director

Wisconsin Board for People

With Developmental Disabilities

Dear Ms. Swedeen,

I am in receipt of your letter dated November 19, 2014. I have several questions for you after reading through the materials you enclosed.

First, the letter states that BPDD (Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities) “does not have a role in implementing the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)…


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Gift of the Sheltered Workshop

A draft of a document to be distributed at BPDD meeting in Wisconsin Dells this Tues and Wed  and presented to the BPDD Board in November  Comments welcome    Thomas Spelman   Dona Palmer



                                                 Sheltered Workshop Reflections           as of 5/12/15

Before we present the gifts of the “Sheltered Workshop”* let us take a step back and look at…


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Federal Rule Change to Hurt Wisconsin's Disabled Workers, Their Families

The MacIver Institute recently highlighted a federal rule change from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that could mean the end of work programs for people with disabilities all across Wisconsin. Folks from more than 50 organizations in the state could be negatively impacted by the new rule, and the MacIver Institute spoke with Kelly about how it would impact her family. Her sister, Wendy, is…


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Federal Rule Change Threatens Work Program for Those with Disabilities

If the federal government gets its way, working folks with physical and developmental disabilities could lose gainful employment and be forced into nursing homes or stuck in their own homes with little more to do that watch TV. The MacIver Institute recently sat down will some individuals and their families who work at Opportunities, Inc. - an…


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State plan would affect local agency

A deadline on comments on a state plan that would affect Chippewa River Industries in Chippewa Falls and other facilities that hire workers with disabilities is Tuesday.

At issue is proposed changes by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to the Family Care Waiver. The proposal would change how government would consider employment for the disabled.

“We have some fundamental problems with the plan that could have a negative impact on the lives of people with…


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Concerned sister

To whom it may concern,

My brother benefits greatly from the services provided and it would be devastating to his physical and emotional well-being if his ability to work was taken away from him.  While he would have the option of trying to obtain regular employment, he would not be able to maintain the standards a typical employer would expect. He currently has a great sense of accomplishment with his piece work and has a wonderful support system at his…


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