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When skill development centers like this one in Missouri decide to end programs because of pressure from groups that are against paying people a commensurate wage (the National Federal for the Blind, the Association for People Supporting Employment First, the National Council on Disability, and others), it means that more adults with disabilities will face unemployment and increased dependency on government benefits. 

Please help keep ALL job options and opportunities on the table … Sign the petition to support Section 14 (c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act!

AND please contact your Members of Congress and tell them you support Section 14 (c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act, which permits people with significant disabilities to be paid a wage that is commensurate with their productivity.  You can tell all Members that by including people with the most significant disabilities who are currently eligible to receive the commensurate wage in legislation to increase the minimum wage, they will be at the greatest risk of losing their jobs.

If the Member is a Democrat, you can add that if the minimum wage was to be raised to $10.10 an hour, which is the proposal supported by President Obama and most Congressional Democrats, everyone earning a commensurate wage will get an increase in pay.  So, it is not necessary to eliminate 14 (c), if their goal is to help these individuals receive better pay.


H.R. 831 is a bill that would restrict employment opportunities for people with disabilities, including those with the most significant disabilities.  If this legislation was to be passed and signed by the president, it would have the unintended consequence of putting the jobs of hundreds of thousands of people with significant disabilities at risk.  Without their jobs, these individuals would not enjoy the same quality of life and would become more reliant on the Social Security system.

The United States Senate will be considering a separate bill to increase the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour and will be pressured to include people with disabilities currently eligible to receive a wage that is commensurate with their productivity, as permitted under Section 14 (c).  Pressure from groups opposed to the commensurate wage influenced President Obama to include people with disabilities in the Executive Order he issued on February 12, 2014, which raised the minimum wage for federal contracts for services and concessions.

Download the Letter from Family Members or Others to Administration Regarding HR 381 and Efforts to Eliminate 14(C) of FLSA (Word Document).

Download the Talking Points (Word Document)




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