Voice Your Choice II

Be Aware:

  1. The federal government, through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued new rules about where employment and day services can be provided.
  2. The new rules are very vague and CMS has not issued the detailed guidance that is necessary to implement the rules.
  3. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) was under pressure to submit a plan to CMS that would comply with the rule even though the details promised by CMS have not been published. DHS submitted a plan and asked for comments. They have now submitted a new plan that takes those comments into consideration. Now we have another 30 days to comment on the plan. You can find the plan here: http://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/LTCare/StateFedReqs/waiver.htm
  4. The new federal rules talk a lot about "settings that isolate". The state needs to create a way to determine if a setting "isolates". If they decide that sheltered workshops, including employment and day services isolate then services will need to be moved out of workshops and into the community.

 Be Advised:

  1. Your voice makes a difference! Over 3000 comments went to DHS during our last call to action, many as a result of the first voice your choice tour. They listened and altered the plan!
  2. The public has until December 29th to give feedback and advice to the State DHS. 
  3. Your voice is critical to ensuring that all setting and services remain available. 
  4. Please consider contacting DHS once more to voice your choice. The address is below. 

Be an ADVOCATE: Take action!

Mail or Email your comments to Wisconsin DHS

Click here for a sample Comment Form

Click here to download the Comment Fill in Form.

Here are a few important points that you may wish to share:

a. Thank you for holding this additional 30-day comment period.

b. Please advocate for a full array of employment and day services and settings.

c. The new state plan should not be implemented until the CMS guidance is complete.

d. I would like DHS to hold a town hall meeting in my area so that I can give my input on anything that affects where I work and spend my days.

DHS Contact Information:

Wisconsin Division of Long Term Care

Attn: Statewide Transition Plan

1 West Wilson St. Room 518

P.O. Box 7851

Madison, WI  53707-7851

Email: DHSWebmailDLTC@wisconsin.gov


Success Stories

There have been success stories in Mississippi, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.  Your hard work, and determination can add Wisconsin to that list of success stories!




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