A TEAM Mobile Unit - Voice Your Choice TOUR is coming......August 4th - August 12th

The time is now to speak out on the Family Care Waiver Renewal Proposal for Home and Community Based Services. This waiver allows states to provide long-term care services in home and community-based settings rather than in institutional settings

Please consider including comments such as…

  1. I want the full array of employment and residential services to be kept intact. Facility-based vocational services must be protected.
  2. The DHS (Department of Health Services) plan is incomplete because CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) hasn't provided states with the sub regulatory guidelines for employment settings.
  3. When the guidelines from CMS arrive, the public should have another 30 days to review and comment.

Use the following links to voice your choice to DHS, State Legislators, and the Governor's Office:

  1. DHS:

    Email: DHSOFCE@dhs.wisconsin.gov, Subject: 1915(c) Waiver Application

    Mail written comments to:

    Division of Long Term Care
    Office of Family Care Expansion – Attn: 1915(c) Waiver Application
    1 West Wilson St, Room 518
    PO Box 7851
    Madison WI 53707-7851

    Comments are due by: September 2, 2014
  2. State Legislators and the Governor's Office: http://ateamwisconsin.org/page/government#govwalker

Below are a list of files you can use to get started:

  1. A-Team Voice Your Choice Tour Press Release Final (.docx)
  2. Voice Your Choice Tool Kit Information Sheet (.pdf)
  3. A-Team FAQ (.pdf)
  4. A-Team Wisconsin Voice Your Choice Tour 2014 Dates and Locations Updated (.pdf)
  5. Voice Your Choice G.A.I.N. (.pdf)
  6. Sample Letter Using G.A.I.N. (.docx)

Success Stories

There have been success stories in Mississippi, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.  Your hard work, and determination can add Wisconsin to that list of success stories!

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